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Fleet Planning


What is Fleet Planning?

Fleet planning (capital planning) is about operating the right aircraft type for your flight needs, the right number of aircraft and when to trade your aircraft at the most opportune time during your aircraft ownership. Our fleet planning support provides a constant report of all aspects relating to ownership of your aircraft and the external factors that could impact on you or your business as an aircraft owner. We provide you the guidance, data and intelligence to allow you get the most value from your aircraft.


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Consulting aircraft owners, buyers, sellers and operators worldwide with regards to their aircraft fleet. Helping to assess the current market value of their aircraft type and advising on how to maximize aircraft values. Through in-depth data, industry insight, guidance and consultation we ensure that our clients make the correct aircraft decisions at the most opportune time.


The benefits of Fleet Planning

Getting the most value from your aircraft. Providing you aircraft options that best meet your flight needs, mission and utilization. Making you or your company financially aware of the total cost of aircraft ownership, residual value, when to buy or sell your aircraft and the cashflow analysis for you or your corporation.


The Moon Jet Group Difference

Our fleet planning does not stop after a successful aircraft sale or acquisition. Moon Jet Group will be by your side, providing you regular consultation that allows you to develop an understanding of your short- and long-term aircraft requirements.

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