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Fleet Planning

Fleet planning ensures that you own and operate the correct aircraft type that best meets your initial and long-term flight requirements. Providing you with insight as to when to purchase and sell your aircraft at the most opportune time.


Finding the right aircraft starts with identifying which aircraft type best meets your initial and long-term flight requirements. Moon Jet Group will work with you to ensure that you acquire your aircraft at the correct time and for the right price.

Management Advisor

Appointing an aircraft management company can be a complex process. Here at Moon Jet Group we can assist you with identifying a suitable aircraft management company to manage your aircraft for you.

Air Intel

Providing you transparent aircraft market data for your aircraft type. Do you want to know how much your aircraft is worth at a given time? How many of your aircraft type are currently available for sale? AirIntel by Moon Jet Group provides you accurate market data that you need to manage your asset correctly and to know what is happening with your aircraft type globally.