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Discover the Falcon 2000

22 May 2024

When it comes to selecting an aircraft that seamlessly blends exceptional performance with comfort, the Falcon 2000 stands as a remarkable choice. Manufacturer by Dassault Aviation, this versatile business jet is known for its impressive range, spacious cabin, and flight performance, making this aircraft type a favourite among aircraft owners and operators worldwide.

Performance and Range

The Falcon 2000 is powered by two CFE738-1-1B engines, offering strong performance with a maximum range of approximately 2,840 nautical miles. This performance capability allows for non-stop flights from New York to London or Paris to Dubai.

Spacious and Luxurious Cabin

One of the most striking features of the Falcon 2000 is its cabin, which offers unparalleled levels of comfort and luxury compared to other aircraft types in its category. Typically configured to seat 8 to 12 passengers, the cabin provides ample space for relaxation and productivity. With a cabin width of 7 feet 8 inches and a height of 6 feet 2 inches, the interior feels spacious and open, allowing passengers to move freely and enjoy their onboard experience. The cabin length is 26 feet 2 inches, providing a generous layout for various seating configurations and amenities. Advanced soundproofing ensures a quiet environment, ideal for conducting business or unwinding after a busy day.

Falcon 2000 Dimensions

The Falcon 2000 overall dimensions further highlight its impressive design and performance:

– Length: 66 feet 4 inches

– Wingspan: 63 feet 5 inches

– Height: 23 feet 2 inches

These dimensions contribute to the aircraft’s excellent aerodynamics and stable flight characteristics, making it a reliable choice for various mission profiles and flight requirements.

James Moon, Founder of Moon Jet Group, highlights the Falcon 2000’s unique blend of performance and luxury:

“The Falcon 2000 represents an excellent aircraft type from an ownership perspective, offering owners a great combination of range, comfort, and performance. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking both a reliable and luxurious aircraft type”

Whether for business or leisure, the Falcon 2000 delivers an exceptional flight experience. As you consider your next aircraft acquisition, depending on your requirements, the Falcon 2000 is an aircraft type to consider. Moon Jet Group currently has one 2001 Falcon 2000 available for sale, for further information please view the aircraft here.

If you have an aircraft sale or acquisition requirement and would like to discuss further, contact Moon Jet Group today and let us successfully assist you with your aircraft transaction.

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