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James Moon – Moon Jet Group, Founder & President

James Moon

Having become one of the UK’s youngest ever pilots at the age of seventeen – after overcoming a broken spine injury, James Moon has aviation running in his blood.

Since Moon Jet Group’s launch in May 2015, Moon Jet Group has continued to go from strength to strength. Now working with over 400 clients in 90 countries, remarketing over half a billion dollars worth of aircraft for sale and with an established global brand presence through our MJG international offices – it is clear to see why so many aircraft owners and buyers are using Moon Jet Group to buy or sell their next aircraft…

James has managed to create and carve a substantial niche for Moon Jet Group in an extremely competitive aircraft sales sector.

“I founded Moon Jet Group as it was clear that there was a substantial niche for an honest, reliable and trustworthy aircraft sales market leader, this is all that buyers and sellers of aircraft want in the world of aircraft sales today, someone they can truly rely on and that is Moon Jet Group…”

In James’s spare time he donates this towards his international aviation non-profit “Stratus” which offers life changing flights in a light aircraft for disabled, terminally ill or disadvantaged beneficiaries from airfields around the US, UK and Canada.

If you would like to get in touch with James Moon directly, please email jmoon@moonjetgroup.com

Safe flying and blue skies…


James Moon CEO


James R Moon

Founder & President Moon Jet Group

Direct: (+44) 07534 165 816
Contact: jmoon@moonjetgroup.com