Business Award for Stratus Flying

Stratus Flying wins Business Award
Stratus Flying wins Business Award

We are delighted to announce that Moon Jet Group’s charity, Stratus Flying, has been recognised by winning the best charity effort at the Sapphire Pegasus Business Awards which were held in Prague on 29 April 2017. Our CEO James Moon and founder of Stratus Flying was present to receive the award and was able to explain what the charity does and our vision for the future.

The shortlist of aviation charities in this category was extremely strong from Airbus and Bell Helicopters, all of whom do amazing work for others. On accepting the award on behalf of Stratus Flying, James explained how he established the charity after suffering a broken back himself and how he experienced at first-hand how aviation can remove people from the struggles of daily life, raising their spirits and inspiring them through their own personal challenges. Stratus Flying aims to change lives through flight and from very humble beginnings in the North East of England is now looking to offer its services to a wider global audience.

Stratus is also partnering with organisations as part of our Sight2Save initiative to eliminate avoidable blindness worldwide for good -through the treatment, training, education, partnerships and general access to suitable quality eye health care. We are also in discussion with airlines and other organisations to see how we might be able to work together to help others through aviation.

Through Moon Jet Group’s connections within the aviation industry, we are always looking for support from those who want to give something back to disabled and dis-advantaged individuals worldwide through aviation – sometimes that is financial, other times it is by offering to take people flying. As Moon Jet Group has now opened full-time offices in the South of France and Las Vegas, we will be actively trying to promote our charity in these areas to deliver local support as well as raising awareness of our global causes.

James Moon said “I am truly humbled to accept this award and I hope that by winning this category we are able to increase the awareness of our work at Stratus Flying so that we can help more people year on year. We aim to help individuals who have daily struggles in life, either from disabilities or through circumstances, and to see the excitement and smiles on their faces after a day with us or after receiving our support is truly humbling”.

About Stratus Flying

Stratus is here to make a difference through the power of flight worldwide. Founded by James Moon, Stratus aims to help as many people as possible, from providing an aviation experience for disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK and USA to saving sight and protecting against malaria in Africa and responding to natural disasters.

Stratus relies heavily on donations and support from aircraft owners to provide our support to individuals. If you would like to support Stratus Flying then please contact us at

Every pound or dollar goes a long way to fund our flight operations worldwide, purchase specific equipment, protect a child against malaria, give someone the gift of sight or shelter a family after a natural disaster. As little as £1 or $1 can deliver incredible benefits that help so many people worldwide through the power of flight. Stratus is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board (FSRB), donors can be safe in the knowledge the fact that 100% of all funds donated to Stratus will go towards making a difference through flight worldwide. As a member of the FSRB you can give with confidence and help make a difference to those that suffer day in and day out. Thank you.